Friends of AMVETS


Regarding Post 32 “500 Club”

This is an explanation of our Post’s “500 Club”. You may or may not have heard of the club or you may even be a past member, whichever is the case please read this letter carefully, keeping in mind that the whole idea is to raise funds for our Post’s Scholarship Fund, a worthwhile cause that goes to many qualified High School students every year.

Let me explain or perhaps refresh your memory on how the club works….on the last Monday of each month at 7:00 P.M. we have a drawing in the Post 32 Hall where the “500 Club” members numbers are picked at random until all 14 prizes; First Prize-$500.00, Second Prize-$250.00, Third Prize-$100.00, Fourth Prize-$50.00, and ten more prizes of $20.00 each have been awarded. We start with the $20.00 prizes first and work our way up to the 1st prize of $500.00. A member does not have to be present to win and the prizes are mailed out that night. At the end of the drawing a door prize of $20.00 is awarded to the person in the audience holding the lucky ticket given out at the beginning of the event; it is given as an incentive to attend the drawing which is a lot of fun. Occasionally, a door prize will consist of more money or at Thanksgiving, several turkeys or at Easter time, several Easter Hams! The next drawing will be on the Last Monday of this month.

500-club-teensI ask you to please consider joining this worthwhile cause. The monthly dues are only $5.00 or to make it easier, consider joining as an annual member for $60.00 per year. Complete the following application and follow the directions to submit your dues and click the submit button. After you join you will be sent a welcome letter giving you your membership number and a further explanation on how the club works. After each drawing a bulletin will be mailed to you listing all the winners so we will always be in touch with you.

Remember, the “500 Club” is for our Post’s Scholarship Fund but is an open function for all to join, the Public, your friends and relatives – all are welcome! If you have any questions call Peter Tibbetts, Chairman at (978) 281-0681 or Tom Glenn, Vice Chairman at (978) 283-7516. We hope to hear from you soon.